About token streaming

  • What is token streaming?

Token streaming is a continuous, real-time flux of tokens from a sender to a receiver. In this scenario, instead of a lump-sum transfer of money for a task to be done over a time span, the payment becomes distributed over every fraction of time over the span.

  • What are the major use cases for token streaming?

Token streaming is useful to incentivize consistent quality work of a service provider, while the service consumer can still have control over the portion of money not yet sent. Additionally, for subscription-based services, token streaming creates the opportunity to monetize even on seasonal users, creating a pay-as-you-go option without handling financial overhead.

  • Where is token streaming better than traditional payment solutions?

Token streaming makes sense for scenarios where one party pays for services offered by the other one. Reward programs, payrolls, freelancers, and subscription services are among the prominent examples of where token streaming is more favorable.

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