Cancellable Streams

In Fluxity, you can set up various types of streams to manage how digital assets or tokens are distributed over time. These include:

  • Cancellable Streams: The creator can terminate the stream at any moment (unless all tokens have already been released to the receiver, rendering cancellation redundant). For example, an employer might set up a cancellable stream for an employee's salary, allowing for immediate termination if the employee leaves the company. Unlike traditional payment methods, payments are made continuously, providing the employee with a steady flow of income and a guarantee of available funds.

  • Non-Cancellable Streams: Once established, these streams run their course until the end date, with no option for early termination. This ensures that all tokens will eventually be distributed to the receiver. A practical use case is for blockchain projects conducting token airdrops, intending to gradually release tokens to community members without causing sudden price fluctuations in the market.

  • Time-Bound Cancellable Streams: These offer a middle ground, where the stream can only be canceled after a specified date but before the end date. This setup guarantees that the creator cannot abruptly stop the stream without notice yet retains some flexibility to terminate it within a defined timeframe. This feature is particularly useful for commitments that may need reassessment or adjustment over time.

Each stream type offers different levels of commitment and flexibility, catering to various scenarios, from ensuring employee compensation to managing token distributions in blockchain projects. Fluxity's protocol facilitates these diverse needs, providing a secure and transparent mechanism for real-time financial transactions.

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