Creating Streams

To stream tokens, you first need to make sure your wallet is connected. After connecting your wallet, everything else is straightforward:

  • Navigate to the "Create Stream" section from the menu.

  • For the current version, the linear model is set as default.

  • Enter the recipient's address.

  • Select the token you want to stream from the list that pops up after clicking the relevant space.

  • Specify your desired rate of the stream.

  • Specify if you want the stream to be cancellable by toggling on "Cancellable stream."

  • Toggle on "Cliff time" if you wish and set the time. Learn more about cliff time here.

  • Specify the start and end time for the stream.

    Note 1: Without specifying a start time, the stream will start right after it is created. Note 2: The current version does not support indefinite streams, so you need to specify the end time before being able to create the stream.

  • Click "Create Stream," approve token access, confirm stream creation, and wait until your stream is created.

  • After the stream is successfully created, you will get a success message with some info about the created stream as well as a button to take you straight to the stream's details page.

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