Standard Streams

Streams represent a method for transferring tokens between addresses in a manner that spreads the transfer over time rather than instantaneously. In other words, tokens are gradually unlocked for the receiver at regular intervals, meaning they gain access to a portion of the tokens every second rather than receiving the entire amount at once.

To initiate a new stream, the creator must first deposit the tokens they intend to transfer into the Fluxity contract. This process requires initial approval, which is why users must complete an "Approve Token" transaction before they can proceed with the "Create Stream" transaction on the Fluxity dashboard.

The Fluxity contract is designed to be open-source and ownerless, ensuring transparency and security. As such, no one can confiscate the tokens except for the designated receiver or the creator, who retains the option to cancel the stream if it has not yet reached its conclusion. This structure provides a secure and flexible framework for token distribution, safeguarding the interests of both the sender and the receiver.

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