Creating token streams

  • What is the difference between linear and exponential streaming?

In the linear streaming model, the rate of streaming stays the same throughout the process; however, in the exponential model, the rate increases over time following a certain formula. Note that exponential streaming is not currently available on Fluxity.

  • What happens if I don’t set a start time for my streams?

Without picking a start time, the stream starts immediately after it is created.

  • What is vesting?

Vesting is a type of token streaming with the lump-sum transfer of tokens according to your desired parameters.

  • What is the application of vesting?

Vesting is a method for distributing tokens over time to stakeholders, incentivizing long-term involvement and reducing the risk of market volatility by preventing large, immediate sell-offs.

  • What happens if I set a cliff time?

After setting a cliff time, the amount of stream from the stream start time will be withheld until the arrival of the cliff time, at which the accrued amount is sent immediately. The remaining of the stream will continue normally. To understand it better, see the figures below.

  • When do I need to set a cliff time?

Depending on the intended purpose, setting cliff times could be useful for times when the stream is created to provide proof of funds for the sender, but it is withheld until certain criteria are met by the stream receiver until a specific time.

  • Can I create vested or normal streams without an end time?

It is currently not possible to create a stream without picking an end time for it, but indefinite streams will be possible with Fluxity in the near future.

  • Do I need to have the total amount of a stream to be able to start streaming?

Yes. The total amount of a vested/normal stream should be available in your wallet when you create it. The amount will be locked in Fluxity’s smart contract after creating the stream as proof of funds.

  • What is the advantage of token streaming when all the tokens required for the stream are taken from the wallet in advance?

By locking all the required tokens in the contract at once, token streaming acts as proof of funds for the service provider (payee), while the service consumer (payer) would still be in control of their funds.

  • How can I stream tokens that are in my wallet but do not show on the token selection window?

By entering the token’s contract address, you can stream tokens available in your wallet that do not show on the token selection window.

  • Where can I track the streams I created?

You can navigate to the Activity History page to easily track all the active, pending, and expired streams. Alternatively, you can click on the wallet icon in the app and click Open in Explorer to see your wallet activity.

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