How Fluxity evolves with time

According to the team's goals, Fluxity will reach three milestones, each taking the app to a higher level of maturity.

V1: Initial release

Q1 2024

Goal: Showcasing smooth token streaming and management with Fluxity


  • Scheduled streams

  • Non-cancellable streams

  • Vesting

  • Cliff time

  • Back-end API

V2: Feature expansion

Q2 2024

Goal: Expanding Fluxity's capabilities for the most token streaming customizability


  • Off-chain tracker

  • Batch streaming

  • Auto transferring

  • Hooks

  • NFT streams

  • Address Book

  • SDK

V3: Integration

Q3 2024

Goal: Extending Fluxity's capabilities for maximum utility and easy integration by other businesses


  • Indefinite streams

  • Interest accrual from lending pools

  • Off-chain payment gateway without Debt/Buffer fee

  • Shopify plugin

  • WordPress Plugin

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